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Fra Bornholm til Skagen, Todd-AO er sagen: Læs om 70mm og Cinerama med de store knivskarpe billeder og fantastiske magnetlyd
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Åbnet 1. januar 2005

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Besøg om 70mm film, Cinerama og alle de store filmformater

The Rialto Cinema Group Denmark
How The Jolly Danes Found New Happiness At The Movies

Tilbage til forsiden
Engelsksproget brochure fra Rialto Film, 1973. Gengivet med tilladelse. Dato: 19. November 2005
Opdateret 01-01-24
Dir. Preben Constantin Philipsen, Rialto Cinema Group. Bemærk billede af Rialtobroen i Venedig, og Bodil stauetten på bordet bag ved ham. Billede: The Rialto Cinema Group Denmark

I was born into the motion picture business and for 50 years I have worked in it. I know it's nature, its fascination and its fickleness. Thousands of pictures I have seen with or without audience. This has brought home to me that experience a film in company with others is totally different from watching it alone or with just a few others. Your experience is enriched when you notice around you people laughing and jumping in their seats watching a good farce or sitting quiet and enthralled perhaps even crushed by a great dramatic performance. I feel happy on behalf of the director and the actors when I see the effects on the audience of a scene whose quality I doubted when I saw the picture alone. This has led me to the conviction that the Television-Screen is no danger to the cinema. The cinema performance will survive and even prosper as entertainment and as good business - and last but not least as an independent art. But our audience is critical when they go out. They want a beautiful theatre, comfortable chairs, a pleasant atmosphere, perfect technical equipment, air-conditioning and so forth. This is why I have made a point of developing attractive cinemas in which our audience feel at ease.

For I love the film and want it to live.

Preben Philipsen
Læs mere her:

Besøg i Rialto Teatret den 3. august 2007

Galleri Rialto Teatret, 3. august 2007

Rialto, Frederiksberg

Rialto Teatret

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The Rialto Cinema Group Denmark

Opgangen til Kinopalæet, København. Kontrollør John Frøkjær byder velkommen. Billede: The Rialto Cinema Group Denmark

Good news! Traditional Danish good sense has survived - along with the jolly Dane's appreciation of a few of the other good thinks in life. Such as the livelier arts - especially the art of the film. For some time the situation admittedly looked pretty grim and somewhat tight. Tight! That was just about the word. Just picture the jolly Dane, forever stuck in his chair in front of his television. Tension mounted. It was a real cliff-hanger, not only for the regular cinema theatres, restaurants, night clubs and other gay places of entertainment. Would the jolly Dane ever come galloping along to the rescue? Return to the fold, bringing new prosperity with him? Or would he die of TV-constipation in his own home, far from the world of communal artistic experience?

Okay, so perhaps the TV-habit wasn't the sole contributory factor. Maybe the weather was always lousy, and maybe car manufacturers had neglected to make their seats comfortable enough for whatever car seats used to be comfortable for. And of course you've got to bear in mind that the Dane is traditionally a home-loving animal. He just adores those little four walls of his, and does most of his entertaining at home too. All told, it seemed it would require pretty drastic measures if the jolly fellow were going to be brought back out into the nice clean air and into the cinemas again. But such measures were taken. Especially by the Preben Philipsen / Rialto group of cinema theatres that sprang up as soon as the 1972 repeal of an outdated Film Act allowed them to do so.

There are nine theatres in this group so far, all new and shining, or at any rate rate renewed and shining, equipped with the finest technical facilities and the most luxurious decor and seating arrangements. Just study the following pages for details of theses theatres, which at the same time are nine easy lessons on how to get a Dane unstuck from his living-room sofa and back where the brightest entertainment of our day and age is being shown.

• Gå til The Rialto Cinema Group Denmark (brochure)
• Gå til The Rialto Cinema Group Denmark (stills)

Within less than six months, these nine cinema theatres are doing better business than any other combination of nine theatres that has ever existed in Denmark - where, don't forget, films and the film-going habbit both happened to be born.
Kinopalæet's indgang med Kontrollør John Frøkjær, der lukker ind. Med ryggen til ses Inspektør Vagn Jensen og til højre for ham står, med alt mulig forbehold, Vagn Jensen's datter. Billedtekst: Niels E Andersen. Billede: The Rialto Cinema Group Denmark

Rialto Frederiksberg

One of Copenhagen's most exclusive theatres. "Doctor Zhivago" ran here for 2½ years. Has undergone several rebuildings and modernizations, the latest in 1967. Has 737 seats and completely up-to-date technical equipment. Situated in fashionable district close to other theatres, varieties, hotels, restaurants and big stores. Good parking facilities. Only 5 minutes from the center of Copenhagen.

• Gå til Besøg i Rialto Teatret den 3. august 2007
• Gå til Galleri Rialto Teatret, 3. august 2007

• Gå til Rialto, Frederiksberg
• Gå til Rialto Teatret

Kinopalæet, København

A modern cinema in the heart of Copenhagen - only 10 years old - originally equipped for Cinerama. Rebuilt in 1972 at a cost of 2 million kroner. New technical equipment and screen. Number of seats reduced from 1118 to 979 to make room for armchairs with double arm-rests and comfortable sofas. Parking facilities both above and below ground level. Neighbour to Copenhagen's leading privately-owned theatre.

• Gå til Kinopalæet, 70mm & Cinerama Luxus i Hovedstaden
• Gå til Kinopalæet (1959)

Imperial Bio, København

Copenhagen's newest and most modern premiere cinema. 1521 seats. The theatre is equipped with the latest technical equipment and is situated in a huge complex that includes a hotel, restaurants, offices, service station and car park in the very heart of the city's business and entertainment centre right next to the central station, the air terminal and "Tivoli".

• Gå til Imperial Bio
• Gå til Imperial Bio

Kino, Odense

Odense (Fourth largest city in Denmark) is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and the capital of the island Funen. The theatre has562 seats and is very stylishly appointed. The beautiful foyer is hung with irreplaceable pictures illustrating motifs taken from Hans Andersen's fairy tales. New technical equipment. Right on the main street (reserved for pedestrians only) with shopping centre, restaurants, hotels, various other forms of entertainment and a car-park for 300 cars all within easy reach.

Bio Herning

Herning (pop. 75.000) is a live wire town and expanding fast. Centre of Denmark's textile industry and shopping and trading centre for the large surrounding area. The theatre was rebuilt and thoroughly modernized in December 1872. It has 456 seats and completely modern technical equipment. Supermarket, hotel, restaurant and exhibition halls are immediate neighbors and there is parking space for 270 cars.
Diskoteket i Kinopalæet var der kun i ret kort tid, det var oprindelig meningen at der skulle være en slags natklub efter sidste aftenforestilling, men det blev aldrig rigtig til noget. Diskotek leveret af FONA. På billedet ses, bag ved disken i diskoteket Grethe Lip. Hun var på det tidspunkt gift med Restautøt Per Lip. Billedtekst: Niels E Andersen. Billede: The Rialto Cinema Group Denmark

Apollo Odense

A completely modern theatre in Odense with 463 seats and new technical equipment. Situated between the centre of the town and a new big housing development close to the main approach road from the west and just next to the sports stadium, public swimming baths and a big supermarket. Parking for 300 cars and only 3 minutes drive from the centre of the city.

Grand Teatret, Odense

Odense's biggest, newest and most up-to-date cinema. 670 seats and the finest technical equipment. Situated on the main street leading into the centre of the city, close by a big traffic junction and surrounded by a large residential area with many shops, supermarkets and public institutions - a place many people pass every day. Plenty of parking facilities.

Kino Lyngby

Kino Lyngby is situated in Lyngby, Copenhagn's biggest suburb (po. almost 100.000) and a natural shopping and trading centre for an additional 350.000. Right in the town hall square, close to the station (fast electric train services) and bus terminal - only a few minutes from the new big Lyngby Centre (Rialto 2). Completely rebuilt in May-July 1973 including new foyer, terrace seating with new chairs, and the latest automatic technical equipment - only the "shell" of the old theatre has been retained. Reopening in August 1973.
Kinopalæet's bar. På billedet ses til venstre Inspektør Vagn Jensen. Bag ved baren Restauratør Per Lip, de står sammen med (formentlig) Inspektør Vagn Jensen's datter. Billedtekst: Niels E Andersen. Billede: The Rialto Cinema Group Denmark

Rialto 2, Lyngby

Opening September 1973

Lyngby is a wide awake town undergoing rapid expansion. A big centre covering a total area of 116.375 m2 and parking space for 3200 cars will be completed by September 1973. The complex will include a theatre, hotel, restaurants, cafeterias, supermarket, department store and 80 fashionable boutiques, etc. In the middle of the centre there will be a hyper modern cinema with 350 seats and equipped with the very latest cinematographic equipment.

Hillerød Biograf / Frederiksborg Biograf / Bio - Torvet

Bio Torvet is situated in the midst of a group of restaurants, hotels and supermarkets in the main square of the largest town in North Zealand, (pop. 270.000). Shopping and trading centre for entire area of North Zealand. 400 seats. Good parking facilities. A historic town. Associate: Gert Christensen, son of S. A. Christensen of the Rialto Group. Remodelling under preparation.

Søborg Bio

Sole cinema in Copenhagen's second largest suburban borough (pop. 75.000). Conversion to twin cinemas is under preparation. Situated right on the main street in a large shopping and residential area. 793 seats. Parking just behind the theatre. Associate: S. A. Christensen, Managing Director of the RIALTO group.

Palæ Teatret, Aalborg

A well-established theatre with 350 seats. Situated in the centre of Denmark's third largest city, an old port in a large industrial and trading area with a large hinterland. Associate: Poul Rahbek, manager of Bio, Herning and Grand Teatret, Odense.

The Rialto Cinema Group Denmark

In all the Rialto Group's theatres, great emphasis is placed on providing attractive facilities that will make cinemagoers feel thoroughly comfortable and at their ease.

Colors, soft carpets, attractive lighting and friendly service and ushers all contribute to create a welcoming atmosphere.

While you are waiting you can fill in time at the disc bar listening to (and buying, if you like) the latest gramophone records or tapes.

You can "just manage" to finish watching a television programme before the film starts.

You can meet your friends in good time at the bar - or continue the evening after the show.

No harm in having "a little dance" before or after the performance.

A corner with soft lighting and music, comfortable chairs and "a spot of something" on the table - and the mood is all set for a nice cosy chat.

Modern grill-bar Japanese style. The food is prepared right in front of where you are sitting.

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